Valve seals

You can install them yourself with one. Learn how to replace valve seals on your engine in the car without the head removed. Leaking valve seals cause your engine to smoke when you first start it up, and then it usually runs the rest of. Does your engine blow blue smoke when idling, does it smoke blue going down the road?

Chances are you have worn out valve guide oil seals in your engine.

After miles of service, the valve seals in the cylinder head of your vehicle wear out and become brittle. The worn seals cause oil to leak between the valve stem. What makes valve stem seals different than . I would recommend changing them out anyways just because they deteriorate after so many years. Our products are affordable and safe for all . Watch this video to learn how to find and fix the problem. Edelbrock valve seals are umbrella-shaped for dual-purpose use.

We know our parts and products.

Viton Rubber Valve Stem Seal. Valve seal replacement technique with cylinder heads installe how-to procedure, GM small block V8. Ships for free on orders over $25. Valve stem seals control the lubrication of the . Has anyone used the rope trick for changing valve stem seals in order to avoid removing the head?

Any experiences or advice? They prevent oil from leaking into the valve guides and are . The Honda XR8 XR10 CRFand CRF1are very popular dirtbike models. Every custom valve seal manufactured at AFT Fluorotec is designed and made specifically to suit the application.

Note: Seals are sold separately. A spring kit requires seals. We supply high quality valve seals for cars such as Alfa . Before expounding on alternate valve seals , we should understand how the original ones work.

In the picture at right, notice the original seal, which is just a . Valvetrain Components – Valve Stem Seals. Freudenberg sealing technologies valve stem seals control leak rate for the life of the engine to assure correct guide lubrication while avoiding excessive oil . Enginetech Premium Positive seals.

Machining Instructions to Accept Valve Seals. Insert the proper tool into the chuck of a . Dynamic seals round off the product range.